Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Artos Zaho mean?
A. Artos Zaho is a Greek expression: artos means bread and zaho (or zao) means living. As Greek grammar places adjectives after the noun, the equivalent English rendering of the expression is Living Bread.

Q. Why do you have the words “Global” and “Vigil” as part of your name?
A. The word “vigil” means watchfulness and keeping awake, especially with fasting. This describes our mode and attitude of prayer. The word “global” indicates the focus of our prayer and ministries: we have a vision to impact the entire world through prayer and other ministries.

Q. Which scriptures support the name of our church?
A. In John 6:51, Jesus declared “I am the living bread which came down from heaven…” As the functional language used in Jesus’ day was Greek, the actual words uttered into the atmosphere by Jesus was “I am the Artos Zaho…”

Q. What is a “Pentecostal Fast” and why does your church do it?
A. The word Pentecost, as translated from its Greek rendering, means fifty. At the inception of our ministry, God instructed our leaders to “bring the people out… three times in every year…” (Deuteronomy 16:16), to fast. Each fast should last for seven weeks plus one day. As this rendered a 50-day fast in each case, we have used the vernacular “Pentecostal Fast”. (please see our vision document for further details).

Q. What are you expecting to happen as a result of your continued exercise in your Pentecostal Fasts?
A. God has given us a hope to see miraculous signs and wonders, similar to those seen in the early Church as a result of “The Day of Pentecost”, on a frequent and regular basis, as a direct result of continuing, obediently, in our observance of the Pentecostal Fasts. The Pentecostal Fasts will become the ‘engine room’ of miraculous manifestations! (please see our vision document for further details).

Q. How does one become a member of Artos Zaho Global Vigil?

A. All potential new members are required to:
• Have accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord (this is called conversion), and
• Have been baptised by immersion in water, according to scripture, following conversion.
• Have read and accepted the Vision and policies of the church.
• Have attended Artos Zaho services for a minimum of seven weeks (this may include attendances prior to conversion).
• Have expressed a desire to become a member of Artos Zaho.
• Sign the book of members of Artos Zaho Global Vigil.

(please see our vision and church policy documents for further details).